What does Intuitive Graphic Design mean?

It means that every design we create together is built upon a solid and empowering relationship and energy exchange between us.

Why is this important?

• Because your work matters. It matters to you, to your people, and to the world.
• We want to create professional designs that are positive and uplifting, and make your business/project inviting and approachable. All while portraying what you offer.
• Because I’m not too into keeping time logs and fitting into boxes. I like to have a fluid, creative process when designing, and feel that it puts fewer restrictions on you, too. So we’ll get the money stuff out of the way first, and create from there.

So why you, Vanessa?

• I practice mindfulness in all areas of my business.
• I listen actively to your words and to the images you conjure in your mind when you describe what it is you want to create.
• I am highly empathic, which means I feel whatever someone else is feeling. So I’m right there with you in consultation and pick up the emotional essence that you want your customers to feel about your brand.
• I love helping people!! It brings me great joy to assist someone in bringing their ideas and dreams into reality.
• I’m a positive and optimistic person.

My education & experience:

• Diploma in Graphic Design from BCIT and Emily Carr University
• Diploma in Business Administration majoring in Management from Lethbridge College
• 7+ years’ collective experience managing businesses in different industries
• 9+ years’ experience with graphic design and layout projects